About Quality Plus Training

Quality Plus Training Ltd is a Private Training Establishment (PTE) under the provisions of the Education Act 1989.  Certificate Number 4823/1.

Quality Plus Training Ltd provides education and training programmes for the health sector in New Zealand.


The Healthcare Auditor Training Course is based on NZQA Unit Standard 8086 - Demonstrate knowledge required for quality auditing. It is a Level 4 certificate.   Students who have satisfactorily completed this training course receive 4 NZQA credit points against Unit Standard 8086.


The Internal Auditor Training Course is based on industry knowledge and requirements and prepares internal auditors working in quality roles in the health sector. It is a Quality Plus Training Certificate. 




Quality Plus Training provides expert professional training and education to students working in healthcare seeking to achieve continuous quality improvement of service delivery outcomes.

We recognise that each student and each healthcare organisation may have needs that are unique and distinctly different from those of others, and work with them to meet those needs within current legislative requirements and current recognised best practice standards in the New Zealand health sector.


  • Quality Plus Training identifies new and current legislative and best practice standards for quality improvement and monitoring in the health sector via training and education sessions.
  • Quality Plus Training develops training and education sessions to effectively meet the needs of learners working in the health care sector.
  • Quality Plus Training recognises the individuality of each learner and seeks to identify, support, and encourage learner wellbeing and safety.
  • Quality Plus Training offers relevant in-service training and education sessions developed to meet the needs of the employing organisations, its staff and its identified needs.
  • Trained and experienced facilitators with recognised competencies in the healthsector facilitate and deliver all courses offered by Quality Plus Training.


These strategic goals will be achieved by: 
  • Ongoing literature review, attendance at conferences/seminars, worldwide networking (both formal and informal) and assessing individual facilities' needs and requirements.
  • Liaising regularly with New Zealand Standards, New Zealand Qualifications' Authority (NZQA) and other quality and health organisations and contracting facilities to meet compliance requirements and ascertain current practice. 
  • Understanding individual needs of participants and being agile in the delivery of the course to support participants wellbeing and safety.
  • Collecting and analysing student and contracting facility feedback in order to make changes to course material to effectively meet the learners' needs. 
  • Facilitating the development of courses and course facilitators to achieve intended course and sector outcomes. Conducting annual reviews of course facilitators.
  • Annual review of all course material to incorporate any new relevant standards and changes in healthcare practice. 







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