Internal Auditor Training

Our Internal Auditor Training Course is a comprehensive interactive workshop that takes place over two days. 

The programme is based on there being 6 to 12 participants.  The structure of lectures and workshops facilitate a participatory style of learning.  The training includes history, standards, planning and preparation, undertaking an audit and reporting follow up requirements.


We can develop the core training using the standard of your choice (E.g.  the Health and Disability Services Standard). 

When provided within your organisation this course gives you the opportunity to use your policies and procedures.   This ensures that the programme is specific to your needs.  We include a practice audit which allows the participants to use the skills and gain audit experience under supervision.  



Programme Brief

The specific standards referenced during this seminar will include:

  • Standards relevant to your organisation
  • Your own policies and procedures

The programme will include:

  • An understanding of quality management system
  • Interpreting standards
  • Planning and preparing for audits
  • Audit process and practices using an evidence based audit model
  • Team work and roles
  • Audit reporting
  • Audit follow up and close out to continually improve organisation standards, procedures and outcomes.


The course ensures internal continuous improvement - driven from within instead of responding as a reaction to external audit

The course develops and expands knowledge of internal audits with practical explanations, workshops and case studies.

It is a powerful and highly effective management tool for: monitoring your service, identifying issues and gaps in you organisation, analysing areas of concern, reviewing and implementing improvements to your systems.


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